Commission for Shizen

I met Kurtt through another friend of mine, Cloud. I had posted online that I was looking for roommates for Furry Weekend Atlanta 2017 and Cloud reached out to me. After some bad roommate experiences (I think we’ve all experienced those at some point…) I am VERY VERY skeptical of complete strangers and friends of friends. I had put out that ping intending to see if anyone I already knew needed space, but it was pretty close to the convention so many people I knew had already made plans (Like responsible adults!). Knowing what I know of Cloud, I decided that I’d take a leap of faith and trust his judgement in this case…


Completed 7/24/17


Paper Sketch, Digitally Corrected and Colored


Wacom Intus 3 and Adobe Photoshop CC


Approx. 6 hours.

I usually have a LOT going on during any convention. I’m usually either manning my booth in the dealers den, checking on my work in the art show or chatting up other artists. I don’t get to have a lot of “hang out” or downtime at cons. For me, cons are work time, not play time. When I met Kurtt, I was surprised at how… Disney-like he was? He was obviously very excited to be at the convention but I didn’t realize how contagious his happiness was yet. It didn’t take long.

Before I knew it, Kurtt and I were running around the entire con together with another local friend of mine, Melon! We really hit it off and it was a fantastic convention. Kurtt has shared with me some of his amazing stories. It’s easy to find chatter of the latest video game or movie at a con but Kurtt was in the middle of a 20,000 mile road trip. He had just driven from Canada to Atlanta – AFTER driving all the way up there from Mexico City! He shared a video from his trip with us and there was some seriously Tolkien-esque scenery. Scenes from the borders of civilized society! Places that have gone millions of years without a single human footprint. The photos were amazing with his retellings, and I can only imagine how humbling such scenes would have been to see in real life like he had.

At FWA, he had JUST recieved his new fursuit, Shizen, from MadeFurYou. Shizen was an artistic liberty suit that was VERY well designed. I must admit, I’m a huge sucker for blues and greens and teals.

Kurtt’s personality is a bright light and I’m so excited to have worked on this project for him. I really tried to capture his love of exploration and adventure, and imply all of the magic that will result from his fearless attitude. Kurtt emanates love and care for everyone, friend or not (yet!), so of course he would be inviting the viewer to join him to see what’s beyond!


I had a lot of fun with this piece. This is a good example of a piece that I had started on and thought was just “pretty good”. I decided to revise it anyway and I’m so glad that I did.

The scene became more magical  throughout the process. It was originally a normal, nature scene, but Shizen seemed to blend in with the background a bit. A happy accident with some purple struck me with an idea and the piece evolved into what it is now.

If you see this post a bunch of times… Sorry! I’m trying something out that will hopefully make my life a lot easier and keep my galleries up to date.

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Zhivago is a frazzled artist living in California. You can follow them on Twitter, Instagram and Facebook as @ArtByZhivago.

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