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I have been offering these free ref sheets for a long time and now I’ve got them all in one place for your viewing, downloading and coloring pleasure. Newest Files are at the top – older ones are at the bottom. I will be adding a FAQ at the bottom.

Last Update 4/27/18


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  • Do not remove the credit at the bottom or claim this as your art.
  • You may use this reference sheet in full or use parts of it with proper credit.
  • You may not resell this lineart in anyway. Personal use and gifts are ok.</li
  • You may trace the lineart if you want but you must credit and link back.
  • You may use these for adoptables for personal use and gifts only.

If you see someone selling my lineart, just comment with a link to this page. I cannot personally track down these thieves entirely, but with your help we can damage their market. Post a comment informing their potential victims by letting them know where they can download their own free ref sheets! Most of them are hoping no one has seen this sheet before and can’t call it out so 99 out of 100 of them will back off as long as they know they won’t get away with it. Here’s a comment you can copy and paste!

I recognize this! This lineart is provided by #artbyzhivago for free over at – The very first rule when you open the file says, in BIG RED LETTERS, that you are not allowed to sell this sheet. Maybe you missed that?


These reference sheets have been created and are best used using one of the versions of Adobe Photoshop. I can hear you already, “BUT. ZHI. IT’S SO EXPENSI- – SHH. ZZP. No, it’s not. You can subscribe to Adobe Creative Cloud for as little as $9.99/mo after you give their 30-day free trial a shot.


That is the best program you can use because this is the program that was used to make these files.

I do not use any other software so I cannot offer any sort of help or assistance in using the sheets with anything else. I don’t know how to use GIMP or Sai or any of those… so if you want to use the sheet on there, that’s fine, it should work, but I can’t help you!

Here are some other programs that have been reported to work, but again, I have no experience with them so try them at your own risk!

Reported Compatible Programs:

Known NON-COMPATIBLE Programs:

  • Adobe Illustrator
  • Paint Shop Pro


Tutorials for coloring with Photoshop are located inside each file – I recommend Photoshop. It has a 30 day free trial and you can subscribe to Creative Cloud for as little as $10/mo



2017 UFRS Update
2017 UFRS Update



2015 Ultimate Free Reference Sheet – Small Version




This slideshow requires JavaScript.

2017 Version includes a navigational PDF which shows the location of all layers with a brief description.

Version Information

  • 20+ Species with over 30 feral options!
  • Male and Female bodies (Combinable!)
  • Pudgy, Average and Fit body types
  • Plantigrade and Digitigrade Leg Options
  • Hands/Feet Options (Claws, Hooves, Fingers…)
  • Customizable Faces!
  • Multiple Hair Styles!
  • Body Modifications!
  • Preset Markings!
  • Jewelry/Accessories!
  • Shading!

Species Information

This free ref sheet comes with the following species included: Badgers, Bears, Birds, Bovines, Canines, Caribou, Critters, Deer, Dragons, Felines (Big and Small inc. Lion), Gryphons, Horses, Hyenas, Otters, Rabbits, Raccoons, Red Pandas, Rodents, Sergals, Sharks, Skunks, Squirrels

Here are some additional species you can build using the parts in this reference sheet.

Species: Hyena AND Red Panda. Delete the Hyena feral art. Delete the Red Panda Heads, erase the eye markings on the ferals. Ears: Otter/Critter Tail: Long Full

Fennec Fox

Species: Canine AND Critter. Delete the canine’s head art, delete the critter’s feral art. Ears: Sergal/Wide Long Tail: Rounded

Kangaroo (No feral art version)
Species: Hyena. Delete the clearly defined nose and draw in roo-like nostrils. Ears: Equine/Cervidae/Bovine Tail: Dragon Solid Furred or Otter

Species: Hyena AND Red Panda. Delete the Hyena feral art, erase the nose and add a more lemur-like nose. Delete the Red Panda Heads. Ears: Otter/Critter Tail: Long Full

Will add this version soon



Free Reference Sheet - Canine, Male
Free Reference Sheet – Canine, Male


Free Reference Sheet - Canine, Female
Free Reference Sheet – Canine, Female









Frequently Asked Questions

Can I use this? Yes.
Can I give away designs I make with this? Yes.
Can I modify this? Yes.
Can I use the lineart for other projects? Yes, with proper credit.
Can I trace it? Yes, with proper credit.

Can I sell adoptables that I make with this? No.
Can I sell reference sheets I made with this? No.
Can I sell characters that I made with this? No, you must create/get other artwork of the character and sell it based on that.
Can I use this line-art for profit? No.

Can you color it for me? Nah.

What kind of software do I need? See the information in the Compatible Software section.

Can you make an MS Paint version? No xc

How do I make a __________? Due to the swappable nature of the reference sheet, there are no rules saying you have to choose the “right” species for everything. Tinker around with the combinations and see what you can get the reference to look like! You can check out the full species list including recipes for how to frankenstein together even more species here.

Can you add *species specific detail here*? Suggestions may be considered on a case by case basis. Common/recurring suggestions are more likely to be added than highly specific things.

How do I do _______ in Photoshop/SAI/etc? I am sorry but I cannot provide individual support. Please consult one of the many available learning resources for your chosen software.

OMG THIS FILE IS HUGE!!! The file is made at a high enough resolution that you can print your reference if needed. Download a smaller or flat version file if your computer or device has trouble using the file.

18 Comments Add yours

  1. ArrowFox says:

    Your my hero

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Kitsue Clover says:

    cat mom! you should add fangs/saber teeth
    luff you and you rock!

    Liked by 1 person

  3. ashley says:

    why is it so hard to open the full size verson? i cant open in it anything, ive tried the things listed but nothing works 😦


    1. Zhivago says:

      I’m afraid I don’t know anything about your computer or software so I can’t give you an answer.
      It is a very large file, you may not be able to open it if you are using a tablet or phone.
      Try using the web-size version, it’s smaller so it requires less resources.


  4. WinterStar says:

    So, I use SAI and I understand that you are unfamiliar with it. But it’s come to my knowledge (through Googles help) that SAI has a layer limit of 256 layers. The full version of the Ultimate Free Refsheet exceeds this layer limit but I don’t know by how much. I was wondering if there was any way to get a separate ‘updates’ file that would permit us SAI users to open the small version along side the new updates, as the two together seem just too big for SAI to handle.
    I for one would love the opportunity to flesh out my many story characters with the updates. Quite a few of the updates sound like just what I have failed to create myself using the original base.


    1. zhivagooo says:

      I’m afraid there isn’t really any way to separate the layers in a manner that will please everyone. I recommend checking out the link above and trying out the free 30 day trial for Photoshop, or consider subscribing to Photoshop for as little as $10/mo.


  5. Ya Boi says:

    Could i get a JPG or a PNG version of the Ultimate Wolf Ref Sheet?


    1. zhivagooo says:

      I unfortunately can’t distribute individual JPGs, there are far too many combinations to cover. HOWEVER, if you have Telegram, message @CatBirdBot and there is a small selection of basic JPG ref sheets available there.


  6. A happy user says:

    I have cropped it down for phone size amd the app 2 use is AutoDesk SketchBook.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. zhivagooo says:

      Thanks for lettin’ me know it works!


  7. W8less Freak says:

    Gecko Tails would be a nice addition uwu


  8. okay love the updates and I used to have the 2015 version but I’m running into issues. and was hoping you could help. first tried on 3 different computers and 4 different browsers the DL for the full sized version isnt working. I had to search around for an external dl link (found it on deviantart). second cant color it. for some reason with the heads/tails/ ferals/ and digi feet. they all have a white layer that’s been merged with the lineart so coloring it, with out the use of the paint bucket( when you try to color it as the help layers say by flatening the image you lose line art detials such as eyes/nose/ect. any help would be awesome ( this is for my mate, he’s getting pissed off by it and wants me to reline everything just to get rid of the white spots, so I figured i’d dl it and see what the problem was. Maybe you can do an update that makes the shading an optional layer? and maybe get rid of the white background spots on some(many) of the line art layers?


    1. zhivagooo says:

      Hi there,

      1. The links have been fixed and should be functioning now.
      2. The white layers are supposed to be there, they are required to help blot out lineart that overlaps. Please review the instructions again.

      The white disappears when you flatten your finished lineart and set the layer to Multiply/Passthrough, then color underneath it.

      Hope that helps!


  9. Egg says:

    Hiya! Nothing major, but I was wondering if there was a way to remove the shading from the sheet? I suck at photoshop, so I didn’t know if there was an easy way too. ^ ^;


    1. zhivagooo says:

      If you make your lineart selections then flatten the lineart layer, set it to multiply. Color under it and the shading will be applied to your colors under it.

      If you still want to take it off try:
      Flatten layers
      Use Magic Wand, set tolerance to 32, turn on antialiasing, turn off continuous.
      Select something black (EVERYTHING black should now have marching ants)
      If the shading is NOT selected, cool. Inverse the selection and delete.

      If the shading IS selected, do Image>Adjustments>Threshold. Move the slider until the shading is unselected. Inverse the selection and delete.

      Hope that helps!


      1. Egg says:

        Thank you so much! 😀


  10. Kittensarecute says:

    It won’t let me download them 😦


    1. zhivagooo says:

      Which link isn’t working for you?


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