Photoshop Bars for Twitch

Twitch Resource – Photoshop CC Theme Pack with PSD

Photoshop Bars for Twitch
Photoshop Bars for Twitch

I’ve made a small collection of default bars ready to use, and I’ve also included an editable PSD file.
You can see this pack in action in the wild on my Twitch stream!

Download This Pack

How To Customize: If you don’t know how to edit this… Maybe you don’t qualify to use a Photoshop themed pack! 😉

The file is pretty self-explanatory. I’ve attached a screenshot with the editable options:

How to Edit
How to Edit

If you like this theme pack, consider supporting me on Patreon so I can make more freebies!

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Zhivago is a frazzled artist living in California. You can follow them on Twitter, Instagram and Facebook as @ArtByZhivago.

2 thoughts on “Twitch Resource – Photoshop CC Theme Pack with PSD”

  1. hey!

    i was at that place where you sold that art piece to me, you know. the cat bird one, i checked out this web that it show on one of your cards and i LOVE your art, i hope you continue on making art and i hope you go further in it.


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