POLL: Help choose the next three Sushi Tomodachi!

The top three winners will be colored and become the Sushi Tomodachi: Second Course Kickstarter Campaign’s next stretch goals for new pin designs!

The lower three will become stickers for this campaign, and will be saved for later use for other items.

See the full artwork then vote below!

Pick your top three favorite Sushi Tomodachi below!

A poll should appear below – Comments are not counted as votes. If you do not see the poll, try an alternative browser or device.

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Zhivago is a frazzled artist living in California. You can follow them on Twitter, Instagram and Facebook as @ArtByZhivago.

5 thoughts on “POLL: Help choose the next three Sushi Tomodachi!”

  1. I voted for the mice, the tiger and the bear.
    I almost voted for the rabbits too, I can understand why are the third most voted option, however the reason I didn’t pick them was because the mice too already showed multiple animals at once and I wanted to mix it up a bit.
    I chose the bear because I think bears are under-represented, and seeing how that one got the least votes proves me right.
    I’m curious to see how things are going to develop with more votes coming in!


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