POLL: Help choose the next three Sushi Tomodachi!

The top three winners will be colored and become the Sushi Tomodachi: Second Course Kickstarter Campaign’s next stretch goals for new pin designs!

The lower three will become stickers for this campaign, and will be saved for later use for other items.

See the full artwork then vote below!

Pick your top three favorite Sushi Tomodachi below!

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Lazy Day Dakimakura Pre-Order Interest Form

Help make this daki happen by signing up below!

Would you like to help me create an adorable dakimakura that doesn’t need to be put away when guests visit? One that will make them hungry enough to suggest getting sushi? One that will increase your sushi intake by at least three fold? Multiply your incoming sushi with every guest visit! … Oh… Um. I got a bit excited there. I’m hungry.

Lazy Day Dakimakura Concept
Lazy Day Dakimakura Concept

I only need 15 people in order to get these done. Letting me know you are interested will make it more likely for me to make this happen!

The dakimakura specifications would be:

60″ x 20″
Plush (soft and fuzzy) material
Sale Price $80 (Pre-order price: $70) plus shipping
Cover Only (Pillow/Stuffing Not Included)
Invoicing Date*: 2/8/20 – 2/15/20
Estimated delivery*: 4/20

Help make this daki happen by signing up below!


* I need enough yes’s to make this happen! If you like this project, consider sharing it with your friends!

Pawsitivity Platoon Community Guideline Update

Hey all! Thanks for checking up on the guidelines for the Pawsivity Platoon Telegram and Discord communities! These rules help keep the space an enjoyable, uplifting place for everyone.

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These groups are a positive, SFW space where we encourage each other, as we all get enough negativity elsewhere in life.


Please share your works! Drawing, painting, writing, music, it’s all allowed! If you made it, we wanna see it!

Feel free to ask for constructive critique if desired.

Please do not critique a work unless asked.

Discouraged Topics:

No politics.
No ‘hating’ (i.e. “x is stupid, I hate x, your work sucks, etc.)

Advertising/Selling is NOT a designated topic in these chats, so advertisements must be authorized prior to posting. Advertising posts may be posted once every 48 hours, for a period of 7 days after approval is received.

October Birthday Doodles!

I like practicing quick face doodles, and I thought recently that it made sense to put those quickies to use and brighten up some people’s days! Here are the sketches I did during October, I just started the list but you can join it here!

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2020 Event Calendar

Can’t find me at con? Follow me on Twitter or Telegram for the latest event updates!


Portland, OR – May 21-24, 2020
Dealer’s Room Table Location TBA

Bakersfield, CA – May 30-31, 2020
Artist Alley Table Location TBA


Amazing Las Vegas Comic Con
Las Vegas, NV – June 26-28, 2020
Artist Alley Table Location TBA


Pomona, CA – July 31 – August 2, 2020
Table B19



Anime Roseville
Roseville, CA – August 4, 2020
Artist Alley Table Location TBA



Biggest Little Fur Con
Reno, NV – October 29 through Nov 1, 2020
Dealer’s Room Table Location TBA