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Five years of Free Reference Sheets

I have been offering these free ref sheets for a long time and now I’ve got them all in one place for your viewing, downloading and coloring pleasure. Newest Files are at the top – older ones are at the bottom. I will be adding a FAQ at the bottom.

Last Update 11/7/19


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  • Do not remove the credit at the bottom or claim this as your art.
  • You may use this reference sheet in full or use parts of it with proper credit.
  • You may not resell this lineart in anyway. Personal use and gifts are ok.
  • You may trace the lineart if you want but you must credit and link back.
  • You may use these for adoptables for personal use and gifts only.


These reference sheets have been created and are best used using one of the versions of Adobe Photoshop. You can subscribe to Adobe Creative Cloud for as little as $9.99/mo after you give their 30-day free trial a shot.


That is the best program you can use because this is the program that was used to make these files.

Here are some other programs that have been reported to work, but I have no experience with them so try them at your own risk!

Reported Compatible Programs:

Known NON-COMPATIBLE Programs:

  • Adobe Illustrator
  • Paint Shop Pro


Tutorials for coloring with Photoshop are located inside each file – I recommend Photoshop. It has a 30 day free trial and you can subscribe to Creative Cloud for as little as $10/mo



2017 UFRS Update
2017 UFRS Update



2015 Ultimate Free Reference Sheet – Small Version



This slideshow requires JavaScript.

2017 Version includes a navigational PDF which shows the location of all layers with a brief description.

Version Information

  • 20+ Species with over 30 feral options!
  • Male and Female bodies (Combinable!)
  • Pudgy, Average and Fit body types
  • Plantigrade and Digitigrade Leg Options
  • Hands/Feet Options (Claws, Hooves, Fingers…)
  • Customizable Faces!
  • Multiple Hair Styles!
  • Body Modifications!
  • Preset Markings!
  • Jewelry/Accessories!
  • Shading!

Species Information

This free ref sheet comes with the following species included: Badgers, Bears, Birds, Bovines, Canines, Caribou, Critters, Deer, Dragons, Felines (Big and Small inc. Lion), Gryphons, Horses, Hyenas, Otters, Rabbits, Raccoons, Red Pandas, Rodents, Sergals, Sharks, Skunks, Squirrels

Here are some additional species you can build using the parts in this reference sheet.


Species: Hyena AND Red Panda. Delete the Hyena feral art. Delete the Red Panda Heads, erase the eye markings on the ferals. Ears: Otter/Critter Tail: Long Full

Fennec Fox

Species: Canine AND Critter. Delete the canine’s head art, delete the critter’s feral art. Ears: Sergal/Wide Long Tail: Rounded

Kangaroo (No feral art version)

Species: Hyena. Delete the clearly defined nose and draw in roo-like nostrils. Ears: Equine/Cervidae/Bovine Tail: Dragon Solid Furred or Otter


Species: Hyena AND Red Panda. Delete the Hyena feral art, erase the nose and add a more lemur-like nose. Delete the Red Panda Heads. Ears: Otter/Critter Tail: Long Full


Will add this version soon



Free Reference Sheet - Canine, Male
Free Reference Sheet – Canine, Male


Free Reference Sheet - Canine, Female
Free Reference Sheet – Canine, Female













Frequently Asked Questions

Can I use this? Yes.

Can I give away designs I make with this? Yes.

Can I modify this? Yes.

Can I use the lineart for other projects? Yes, with proper credit.

Can I trace it? Yes, with proper credit.

Can I sell adoptables that I make with this? No.

Can I sell reference sheets I made with this? No.

Can I sell characters that I made with this? No, you must create/get other artwork of the character and sell it based on that.

Can I use this line-art for profit? No.

Can you color it for me? Nah.

What kind of software do I need? See the information in the Compatible Software section.

Can you make an MS Paint version? No xc

How do I make a __________? Due to the swappable nature of the reference sheet, there are no rules saying you have to choose the “right” species for everything. Tinker around with the combinations and see what you can get the reference to look like! You can check out the full species list including recipes for how to frankenstein together even more species here.

Can you add *species specific detail here*? Suggestions may be considered on a case by case basis. Common/recurring suggestions are more likely to be added than highly specific things.

How do I do _______ in Photoshop/SAI/etc? I am sorry but I cannot provide individual support. Please consult one of the many available learning resources for your chosen software.

OMG THIS FILE IS HUGE!!! The file is made at a high enough resolution that you can print your reference if needed. Download a smaller or flat version file if your computer or device has trouble using the file.

The Commission Process

Order Form Offers and Pricing

Printing & Shipping Terms of service

Schedule & Openings Current Commission Queue (Trello)

How to Order A Commission

Step One: Decide What you Want

You can view my offerings and pricing below. If you have something special in mind, ask and I can probably do it!

Offers and Pricing

Step Two: Place your Order

You can do one of the following:

  1. Book a timeslot
  2. Fill out the Commission Form

Schedule & Openings

Order Form

Step Three: I’ll get in contact!

I’ll handle the rest from there! Talk to you soon!

The Commission Process


A Guide for Clients on How to Navigate to the Commission Artist’s Work Process

This is how you should expect the commission process to work, what I need feedback on, what you can give feed back on, when I can use that feedback, and when payments are expected.

Feel free to leave any questions in the comments – This is just my personal workflow but feel free to use this as a reference!

  1. Quote Phase
  2. Invoicing (Payment Due)
  3. Thumbnail Phase – Thumbnail Approval Required
  4. Detail Phase (Payment Due, if not paid in full)
  5. Detail Phase – Round of Edits
  6. Final Illustration
  7. Final Round of Edits

1. Quote Phase:

You tell me what kind of project you want. You may select from my list of offerings or request something new.

If pricing is not available, I will prepare an estimate for you of how long the work will take, what material costs will be and what kind of deadline to expect.

Quotes are valid for 30 days. Pricing will vary.

2. Invoicing

I will generate an invoice for you. This invoice has estimated work dates.

Payment plans/financing can be negotiated for pieces over $250 USD.

This invoice will provide you a list of WIP deadlines for each step in the process.

These dates are estimated under the condition that payment will be received within 72 hours of the invoice.

Every day after 72 hours without payment will extend each deadline listed by 1.5 days.

*Payment Due*

Your first deposit will be due before work can be officially started – Max work done without payment will be thumbnails.

Payment Made

Your invoice will be applied. This can be one lump sum or payments can be negotiated.

3. Thumbnail Phase

I present a selection of thumbnails for your approval. Thumbnails are small sketches that are used to help plan posing and composition before moving onto a larger amount of detail. I will provide at least three, but no more than 5, thumbnail sketches for your consideration.

You may provide any and all feedback you may have. Props will be presented as blocks or blobs with no definition during this phase.

You must confirm your thumbnail selection before I can move forward.

If you do not like any options presented, I can do one additional set of thumbnails at no cost. Additional thumbnails after this will be $20/set of 5.

Thumbnail Selection Required

Select a thumbnail from the offering in order for me to proceed. Minor adjustments, such as moving an arm or hand, can be applied during a detail phase and a revised thumbnail will not be provided prior.

I can edit the following at this stage:

Pose Positioning
Prop Positioning

4. Detail Phase


I will prepare a sketch that acts as a more defined ‘framework’ for your piece. It will be messy, but it will determine the final position and sizes of various shapes. It contains more detail than the thumbnail phase, but still not complete detail.

5. Detail Phase – Round of Edits


You must provide any and all feedback you may have. You may submit edits via our original medium of contact or by e-mail to

You will be provided a maximum of two rounds of edits. Please review your piece entirely and submit all corrections at once. I am unable to work effectively if edits ‘trickle’ in.

Additional edits after two rounds may be requested at the standard rate, charged in 30 minute increments.
Edits will be made and the billable amount will be added to the next invoice based on the time taken to apply them.

I can edit the following at this stage:

Character Features
Character Pose
Facial Expressions
Character Clothing

Please be sure the placement of all items on this list are satisfactory to you. Some high detail items may not be fully fleshed out at this stage.

EXAMPLE: If your character is wearing lace, the lace will be shown as a detail-less band for placement. The individual decorative fibers of the lace are not defined until the full detail phase.

*Payment Due*

If you did not pay in full, the second half of your payment is now due. Any additional charges have been discussed with you prior to adding them into this invoice.

6. Final Illustration


After all edits are received and applied, the final construction begins. In this phase, I paint based off the detailed sketch.

Please note: I do not do lineart first. I do lineart last. Due to this, the phase between color and lineart is unable to effectively translate to others who do not understand the process, so I do not submit the artwork for review during this process. I may post WIPs to social media to share progress, but you may not request edits during this phase due to the nature of my work flow.

7. Final Illustration – Round of Edits and Final Approval


When I am satisfied with the piece, I will submit it to you for review. Since this is the proposed final, you will have one round of edits.

Additional edits after one round may be requested at the standard rate, charged in 30 minute increments.
Edits will be made and the billable amount will be added to the final invoice based on the time taken to apply them.

I can edit the following at this stage:

Minor adjustments
Add Small Details
Remove Small Details
Change colors

*Payment Due*

If any additional edits have exceeded the limits of the edit specifications, you will be invoiced for the additional time spent.

Final Artwork Approved

Your artwork is finished! If you ordered a print – I would add on the following step:

OPTIONAL: Printing & Shipping

If you have ordered a print or hard copy of your artwork, I print it and ship it!

PLEASE NOTE: Printing and shipping costs are not included with any project unless requested or specifically stated.






Commission for Shizen

I met Kurtt through another friend of mine, Cloud. I had posted online that I was looking for roommates for Furry Weekend Atlanta 2017 and Cloud reached out to me. After some bad roommate experiences (I think we’ve all experienced those at some point…) I am VERY VERY skeptical of complete strangers and friends of friends. I had put out that ping intending to see if anyone I already knew needed space, but it was pretty close to the convention so many people I knew had already made plans (Like responsible adults!). Knowing what I know of Cloud, I decided that I’d take a leap of faith and trust his judgement in this case…
Continue reading Exploration