DIY Telegram Stickers (Canines)


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Adobe Photoshop CC
30 Day Free Trial or as low as $9.99/mo


Each Zip file includes:

  • Base Lineart including Multiple Hair Styles, Easy to Edit Color Markings & Shading
  • Photoshop Brush File for consistent lineart editing
  • Original Artist Credit Image (Add your name!)
  • ReadMe.txt


Cute Canine – Hi! (Individual License)

INDIVIDUAL LICENSE –  This download includes the right for one person to use this file for themselves and their own personal characters only. Your file will be e-mailed to you at the e-mail address provided.


Cute Canine – Hi! (Multiple Use License)

MULTI-USE – Includes 1. the right to re-sell and gift stickers. 2. Future upgrades to this file.  3. One-on-one support provided for Photoshop users. You may resell this sticker as long as you include a credit to Zhivago in the sticker pack. *MSRP: $9* Your file will be e-mailed to you at the e-mail address provided.


Cute Canine – Hi! (Completed by Zhivago)

This artwork will be customized to your character by Zhivago with no additional effort on your part. Final images will be delivered via Telegram or e-mail.



Dia De Los Lobos


This piece started out as a random, 15 minute sketch during one of my Tuesday Sketch Streams. I really liked it and had been talking about a hankering for creating a Dia De Los Muertos themed piece for a while. I had created one just for funsies during a previous stream, as requested by TL.


I wanted to revisit the idea in my own time. During one of the following streams, I doodled this up and decided this would be my base piece.

I also decided to make this an excersize in speedpainting, however after a certain point I got so caught up in it that the time didn’t matter to me so much. Some people may also recognize this as the piece I used for my Automatic WIP Script/Action tutorial for Photoshop.

I researched some Dia De Los Muertos themed cultural artwork and photos from festivals (i.e. googled it) and the diversity was both mesmerizing and intimidating. I was having trouble pin pointing the specifics design-wise, but I knew I’d get the hang of it if I pushed through so that’s just what I did.

I created each flower individually. I prepared 4 different designs and made various colorings on each. Each flower had 4 versions which I individually placed and scattered across the background.

I like playing with color so this piece was a really fun one to whip out for fun! TL even decided it would be a commission once I was done. ^^ I will be creating an Amaterasu-themed version of this later on and it will be added to this post when it is complete.

I offer this design on apparel over at so be sure to take a peek!










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Misc. Updates

I’m moving next week so things are a bit messy now. I have a hard time focusing in mess, ugh! Just ugh! It’s been good though because due to the move, it’s forced me to really re-evaluate my priorities for myself and I’m finding myself getting rid of A LOT of stuff. How did I ever accumulate so much junk!? I blame capitalism. That’s my story and I’m sticking to it!

Due to this transitioning period, I’m putting the brakes on my stream for a short period while I handle everything I need to take care of. I’d like to set up so that I can stream on the go and I hope to be back to streaming again in November.

Later potaters!

Amaterasu Aurora

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Completed 9/29/17


All Digital


Wacom Intus 3 and Adobe Photoshop CC


Approx. 8-9 hours.



TL challenged me with a concept ~ Ammy wearing the Northern Lights as a dress. At first, I was a little perplexed, because his Ammy collection already had a number of pieces featuring that concept, which initially made it a tad difficult to find a way to present her without inadvertently copying any of the other pieces. TL assured me just to give it my take and to have fun with it, so I did!


I always start a piece by drawing out the characters figure, regardless of what might be covered up by clothing. This is a generally safe strategy for me when I am having trouble thinking of attire, because it forces me to break the process down and focus on the immediate phase. Clothes can’t be placed in midair so it’s better for me to flesh out the form first. After I fleshed out the form, I realized I was still struggling on how I wanted to design her clothing.


I casually mentioned to a friend that I was having trouble with the piece. I was initially going for a look similar to a toga, but since Amaterasu is a god from Japanese mythology, I thought that a kimono might be a better way to go. My friend and I bounced a few ideas back and forth and then she  surprised me by showing me her kimono collection! I had known her for a while and never realized she collected them! She gave me a little crash course in kimonos and together we came up with the idea of the kimono being part of the night itself.


I realized that the idea needed to be kept simple in order to execute it well, so I avoided added excessive markings to the kimono.

Near the end of the piece, I realized I had forgotten a major detail: The Solar Disk.

At first I was frustrated because I had no idea how to approach the idea of a Solar, flaming sun object in the night. Then I remembered about my friend Kurtt, who told me about his adventures in trying to see the northern lights. He had told me briefly about how they work off of solar flares… and I realized that it was perfect after all! The piece had seemed finished but missing something, but the addition of the solar disk really pulled it together in the end.



TLD is a good friend of mine. He has been supportive of my work throughout the years and over that time, he has become more than just a familiar name on my screen.

One thing TLD loves, without a doubt, is the wolf goddess Amaterasu from the game Okami. I once thought he was obsessed (which may still be the case) and after years, I asked him about it. I’d never played the game myself, and I’ve enjoyed games in the past as well, but seemingly not to the same extent as TL.

“I guess because of how darn positive the game is, for the most part. I mean, flowers and green grass literally spring up everywhere you go, and the game is about making the world a better place. You know?

Adding onto that is the painting, it makes me sort of adopt her as a muse of painting, too.

God knows I’ve often wished I could clean up the world or my friends’ problems with just a few strokes of a paintbrush.”

It’s easy to find people who love their favorite game for the humor or the characters or the gameplay. I’m surrounded by people like that. Nothing is wrong with enjoying those things, but it has been a very long time indeed since I last heard an explanation founded that deeply.

TL’s positive attitude makes him a great person to have around and I’m happy to call him my friend. ^^

~ Your friendly neighborhood cat-bird,





Commission for Shizen

I met Kurtt through another friend of mine, Cloud. I had posted online that I was looking for roommates for Furry Weekend Atlanta 2017 and Cloud reached out to me. After some bad roommate experiences (I think we’ve all experienced those at some point…) I am VERY VERY skeptical of complete strangers and friends of friends. I had put out that ping intending to see if anyone I already knew needed space, but it was pretty close to the convention so many people I knew had already made plans (Like responsible adults!). Knowing what I know of Cloud, I decided that I’d take a leap of faith and trust his judgement in this case…
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