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Dogpile 11x17 Poster Print (VIP)

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Dogpile 11x17 Poster Print (VIP)

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This listing is for posters with minor damage on the rear and/or edges. The artwork on these posters is in good shape, and they are not so damaged that they can't still be enjoyed. All damage can be hidden if placed into a frame.

VIP Shoppers may get ONE of these lightly damaged posters for only $1 with purchase of any poster. (Purchase required)

Original Product Listing Below

Please note that there is NOT any watermarking on the printed artwork.

This is my own, original artwork printed at 11x17 on semi-gloss. The paper is a heavy, 110 lb stock. This print can brighten up any living room, craft room, kid's room, nursery or anywhere else you think it would work! It's also rated to last 3-5 years without fading. 17" tall by 11" wide. Looks great by itself or within a frame (not included). Beautiful bright colors with a lovely paper sheen.

Show off your artwork anywhere in your home or office. Anything is paw-sible!

This is a paper print, please place your artwork in a safe place or in a frame to protect it from splashing. Do not attempt to wash. Recommended to hang out of direct sunlight or use a UV protective glass.

This poster is available individually or may be purchased in a set.