Sushi Tomodachi

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What does Sushi Tomodachi mean?

Sushi is a Japanese dish of prepared vinegared rice (鮨飯, sushi-meshi), usually with some sugar and salt, accompanying a variety of ingredients.

Tomodachi (友達; ともだち; or トモダチ) is a Japanese word meaning “friend(s)”.

So what is Sushi Tomodachi then?

Sushi Tomodachi is an art collection I have been dreaming to expand upon for a few years now, and the fact that you’re here reading this campaign means I am so close to realizing this dream. 

Sushi Tomodachi is a project I’ve been working on to celebrate friendship. I’m taking bonding over a meal to a whole new level. Each Sushi Tomodachi is an individual character with it’s own recipe and unique flavors.

A well curated collection of flavors can provide us the most delicious and filling meals for our bellies, which helps us to grow and be nourished. Sushi Tomodachi do not fill your stomach, but your soul. The individual ingredients that make our friends and those around us are important to create the experience that is our lives, and each element plays a different part in helping us to grow, or for us to curate our own flavor of life.

Deeper meaning? These are food animals…

My aim with these characters is to celebrate the crossroad of two important nutrients necessary for a good life – friends and food. Each Tomodachi has their own, unique ingredients that make them. I believe food is a great analogy to represent how people are like that as well. The collection of ingredients in each Tomodachi are meant to symbolize a recognition that various thoughts, ideas, experiences and other ingredients that make humans the individuals that they are, and the ‘flavors’ they add to our lives.

Take, for example, the Dragon Roll.

Sure, he’s cute and crunchy.

He is also curious. He is also ready for any adventure. He is there to help you embrace new things.

These are the ingredients that make him.

To give a Dragon Roll to a friend would be a symbol to you and your friend: The Dragon Roll will tell your friend your encouragements from anywhere, whenever they need them. A helper to assist them to learn the things they need to learn or have the courage to try their next adventure.

To have your own Dragon Roll should be a reminder to yourself: He is encouraging you, reminding you that there could be good things on the other side if you have the courage to go outside your comfort zone.

Anywhere the Dragon Roll is, he is speaking to you. Encouraging you whenever you need that extra bit of help.

That is how a Dragon Roll tastes.

Each Sushi Tomodachi is a character who is meant to encourage, in the various different ways that people need to be.

The Tiger Roll may seem grumpy or strict, but he really just wants to remind you that he cares, so please be careful in what you do.

The Rainbow Roll is positive, and stubbornly so, which makes them the perfect ally to help you push through any hard time. They like to point out the silver lining, and help find solutions to problems.

Wasabi and Gari seem like polar opposites, but they both are good friends. They have a strong focus on accepting each other and recognizing that though they are different, they can both appreciate that the other has strengths that are helpful.

Kitsune Roll loves to play and pretend, and is here to remind you to take time to play. They wear that Kabuki mask for a reason – They love to act out plays to entertain you!

The Monster Roll seems scary, but he is there to remind you that someone is looking out for you, and will protect you.

These are the meanings behind each roll.

They’re also just fun to draw and really cute, and I hope you think so too!

The future is coming and I’d like these guys to make a positive impact on the world. My long term plan is to create a variety of items, which will each act as the reminders to people when they need them.

I’m planning to the collection with Enamel Pins, Pinback Buttons and Stickers! I’m going to start small, but stretch goals will unlock more items so stay tuned to find out more about those!

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