Pawsitivity Platoon Community Guideline Update

Hey all! Thanks for checking up on the guidelines for the Pawsivity Platoon Telegram and Discord communities! These rules help keep the space an enjoyable, uplifting place for everyone.

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These groups are a positive, SFW space where we encourage each other, as we all get enough negativity elsewhere in life.


Please share your works! Drawing, painting, writing, music, it’s all allowed! If you made it, we wanna see it!

Feel free to ask for constructive critique if desired.

Please do not critique a work unless asked.

Discouraged Topics:

No politics.
No ‘hating’ (i.e. “x is stupid, I hate x, your work sucks, etc.)

Advertising/Selling is NOT a designated topic in these chats, so advertisements must be authorized prior to posting. Advertising posts may be posted once every 48 hours, for a period of 7 days after approval is received.