YCH Cuties Tutorial

This tutorial covers the YCH Cuties series of files I’ve released. You can download them shortly, watch this space! Make sure you follow at one of the social media pages below to find out when it becomes available! 3… 2… 1… GO Hi! I’m Zhivago and I’m going to show you how to navigate and recolor…

DIY Telegram Stickers (Canines)

GET FILES MONTHLY: Visit on Patreon HOW TO USE: VIDEO COMING SOON – SUBSCRIBE ON YOUTUBE SOFTWARE: Adobe Photoshop CC 30 Day Free Trial or as low as $9.99/mo Each Zip file includes: Base Lineart including Multiple Hair Styles, Easy to Edit Color Markings & Shading Photoshop Brush File for consistent lineart editing Original Artist Credit Image…

Twitch Resource – Photoshop CC Theme Pack with PSD

I’ve made a small collection of default bars ready to use, and I’ve also included an editable PSD file. You can see this pack in action in the wild on my Twitch stream! Download This Pack How To Customize: If you don’t know how to edit this… Maybe you don’t qualify to use a Photoshop…

Chain Brush

CHAIN BRUSH ASSEMBLY TUTORIAL CHAINS CAN BE A PAIN TO DRAW. Here’s how I make it easy AF. Follow the directions below using your own art to develop your own brush. CLICK HERE TO DOWNLOAD Download includes ZIP file with one 200px Chain Brush with Presets for Photoshop. TUTORIAL TIME! Step One DRAW A ROCKET….

Dia De Los Lobos

This piece started out as a random, 15 minute sketch during one of my Tuesday Sketch Streams. I really liked it and had been talking about a hankering for creating a Dia De Los Muertos themed piece for a while. I had created one just for funsies during a previous stream, as requested by TL….