Sushi Tomodachi Stationary Giveaway!

Pledge on Kickstarter This giveaway has ended, congratulations to Pallet B.! I'll be giving away another Stationary Set at the end of the campaign,...

💌🍣 Sushi Tomodachi Valentine's Day Cards - Preorders Open! 💌🍣

What's new this week!

💌🍣 A Sushi Valentine? Don't mind if I do! 💌🍣

What's new this week!

Happy Thanksgiving everyone! <3

I hope everyone has a safe and Happy Thanksgiving!

Black Friday Sneak Peek! Plus this week's updates

What's new this week! A sneak peek at Black Friday deals for next week, plus new art updates!


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New Plush Updates, Coloring Pages and Updates for Free Ref Sheets

What's new this week? Plush progress, coloring pages and free reference sheet updates

[CAT-BIRD] 🖼️ Sushi Delivery! New Wallpapers, Art Tutorials and Plush Toy Progress 🖼️

What's new this week!